About Jenna

Hello everyone and welcome to the website This First-Time Mom. I’m so excited to have a place where women can unite in the journey that is becoming a mom. Everyone’s experiences are unique in their own way, yet the same basic principles are there. We are growing a life inside us, birthing them in some form, then doing everything in our power to keep them alive and help them thrive!

I know what you are probably thinking. That this is just another mom blog about how to solve all of your problems, get your life together, and organize everything until motherhood is easy…well I’m sorry to disappoint you but that is not reality. Becoming a mom is painful, messy, exhausting, frustrating, confusing…you get the point. But when you look at that tiny human and they smile at you for the first time, nothing else matters.

This Is My Story

My name is Jenna and I was promoted to “mom” on September 3rd, 2020. I’m also a wife (received that title in 2013) to my husband Franz. Professionally, I have worked in the veterinary field for ten years. I received an associates degree after high-school. When I realized that was a waste of my time and money I went to veterinary assisting technical school. Eventually, I earned my vet technician license and became a tech supervisor. I’m also a furr-baby mom to three cats and a dog.

I always knew some day I wanted to have children, two to be exact, a boy and a girl. I’m the youngest of two siblings and have a brother, so I wanted the same situation for my children. While it has not been a smooth trip into parenthood, we could not be more thrilled to finally be a part of the gang.

When we found out we were pregnant (for the second time BTW), all we cared about was that we would have a healthy baby. By this point gender didn’t matter to us. It’s funny how when the time finally comes, certain things just lose there priority. After smashing some golf balls and seeing pink fairy dust clouds, we knew we were having a girl. Fast forward six months and out came our beautiful little Evalean!

We Are All In This Together

I have spent most of my life being the person that people felt they could open up to. I would listen to friends, family, heck even strangers, with an open mind and try my best not to have them feel judged.

I loved sharing stories and giving helpful insight when I could. There is so much such joy in knowing I have left a positive influence on someone or helped them in some way.

I was the youngest in my entire (big and boisterous) family.. that I love dearly.. which trained me in the art of listening. I tend to keep quiet most of the time.

I’m sure as many women could agree, becoming a mother has given me a different perspective on things and life priorities in general.

The Goal Of This Site

My hope is that my stories and those that get shared on this site will give perspective, insight, tips and tricks to have an impact on other first-time moms in a positive manner. Even if it is just a good laugh and knowing that you are not alone.

If you ever have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or share them in the comment box. I want every mom to know they are not alone and to feel like they are part of a community!

All the best,

Jenna E.