Try These 9 At Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Woman with upset stomachShortly after finding out I was pregnant, I woke up one morning feeling like…well…crap! I was tired and nauseous and couldn’t decide between curling up into the fetal position or running to the bathroom to throw up. Sound familiar?

If you are going to suffer from the plague that is morning sickness, it usually strikes in the first trimester. Although it is referred to as “morning” sickness, the symptoms can occur at any time of day. It was right at six weeks of pregnancy, that it hit for me. The time had come to bust out the at home remedies for morning sickness.

My mother always raved about how she “loved being pregnant and never got morning sickness”. I was hopeful that maybe that would pass down to me. Like mother, like daughter, right? Wrong! Thus, I digress to the 9 best remedies that I found help with morning sickness.

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician prior to starting any new medications or supplements during pregnancy!

*DISCLOSURE: Please note that I only recommend products I have used myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Preggie Pops

These little lozenges are a god-send! They are individually packaged for convenience, taste great and are a drug free way to provide relief from nausea within seconds to minutes. Also, when nothing else is appealing to eat, they can curb your hunger a bit as well.

You can order them on Amazon, purchase them at Walmart, Target or get them at health supply stores such as GNC. They come in several flavors such as raspberry, apple, lemon and tangerine, so you can pick which flavors you prefer. I admit, I ate these like candy all throughout the day.

There are two different types: Preggie Pops and Preggie Pops Plus.

– The standard formula uses natural essential oils and plant botanicals to relieve nausea.

– The “plus” version has everything the standard formula does plus vitamin B6 added to them.

– Note: there is an organic option as well if desired

2. Vitamin B6

Water-soluble vitamin B6, also known as Pyridoxine, is part of the B vitamin complex of essential nutrients. It is not produced in the body and must be obtained through the foods we eat. It has many functions that include aiding in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. As well as supporting the immune system and brain health.

The vitamin has been reported to help in reducing or eliminating pregnancy-related nausea. Thus, it was suggested by my midwife as an over-the-counter supplement option. She recommended I take it at a dose of 25mg up to every 8 hours.

I definitely felt an improvement in the nausea and as an added perk I had more energy throughout the day as well.

3. Doxylamine

Doxylamine is an anti-histamine drug that can be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies. This makes it easy to keep on hand at home. It was suggested to me by my midwife because it can aid in providing relief from morning sickness. It can be used in combination with vitamin B6 supplementation for increased effectiveness against nausea and vomiting.

The downside to this medication is it can cause quite a bit of drowsiness. I personally only took it a few times before bed and didn’t like the lingering grogginess in the mornings.

4. Ginger Ale

Ginger combined with carbonation, and you have yourself a wonderful cure to an upset stomach. Available in both regular and diet versions (if you are trying to watch your sugar intake), this tasty beverage was a staple in my house during the early weeks of pregnancy.

5. Ginger Chews

These are similar to the idea of Preggie Pops. My coworker gave me ginger chews to try as another option to combat morning sickness. They are a hard candy like item that after a few minutes, become chewy. These to come individually packaged, which make them convenient for on-the-go relief.

6. Ginger Extract Capsules

If you don’t like the taste of ginger but would like to benefit from its anti-nausea properties, you can take it in capsule form. There are several formulations and strengths out there so make sure to check with your doctor as to what they recommend for dosing.

7. Morning Sickness Teas

There are several brands of teas designed to target nausea due to morning sickness. I personally used the Earth Mama brand because it is all organic based ingredients. Pink Stork is another trusted brand that is all organic ingredients. Both of these teas are formulated with ingredients that supports anti-nausea and digestive relief.

8. Pressure Point Bands

These bands are worn around your wrists at a specific pressure point that is known to help relieve morning sickness. A plastic knob sewn into the inside of the knitted elastic exerts pressure and stimulates the P6, or Nei-Kuan, acupressure point, proven to relieve nausea and vomiting.

I have used Sea-Bands in the past for motion sickness with some success so I knew they were worth a try. The Sea-Band Mama is the brand that was created to help soothe and calm your stomach during your pregnancy. They are essentially the same thing just labeled towards pregnant women. It’s an effective, completely natural, drug-free solution for most types of nausea.

9. Eat a snack before sitting up in the morning

I would stock my night stand with crackers, fruit snacks, chewy bars and other snacks prior to going to bed at night. This way when I woke up in the morning, before I sat up and the nausea set in, I could get some food into my stomach.

It seems counter-intuitive that the cure for feeling nauseous is to eat. The VERY LAST thing you want to do when you are feeling terrible but it really does help.

Finding your morning sickness relief…

For those women that suffer from morning sickness, I hope these suggestions can get you through the worst of it. It may take one, or a combination of several of these different at home remedies for morning sickness to find relief.

Some worked for me for a little while, then I had to move on to the next one. When it got really bad, I did a combination of several of these items.

If at home remedies for morning sickness aren’t working, be sure to talk with your doctor. They may be able to recommend something stronger or different to help. A well-nourished momma is very important for baby development so don’t think you have to tough it out if it is getting unbearable.


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