Willow Breast Pump Product Review

Willow Breast Pump Product Review

What is the product?

The Willow Pump is a wearable breast pump system offering a quiet and hands-free, portable, in-bra double electric breast pump. It is the only pump that allows you to pump in any position providing ultimate leak-proof pumping including lying down!

Willow is the only pump that can promise true, spill-proof mobility for pumping moms thanks to their patented technology that creates continuous suction meant to imulate a baby’s latch.

What does it do? How does it work?

The Willow breast pumps offer a dual, cordless system that expresses breast milk from both breasts at the same time. The milk collection container and flange magnetically adhere to the pumping system for quick and easy attachment and removal.

There are two different milk storage options:

  • The first are one-time use bags for sealed or long-term storage. They attach to the pump and the milk goes directly into the one-way valve bags.
  • The other option is reusable containers that can be poured into whatever storage system you choose.

The Willow company has a syncing app to track every ounce as you pump in real time and offers troubleshooting instructions as needed. There are setting for the amount of suction power used which can be adjusted individually for each breast and that is displayed on the app as well.

Who is it for?

This breast pump is for any woman that wants to be able to pump on-the-move. It is built for convenience to be able to pop into your bra, turn on and go. This breast pump is a bit on the pricey side but if you are willing to make the investment, it could change your whole view of breast pumping for the better!

Pros and Cons


– The pumps are cord free allowing you to put them in your bra and pump hands-free

– Small, sleek design makes them easy to take and use on-the-go

– The option of reusable milk containers to avoid the ongoing cost of milk bags

– Holds a long charge to allow for multiple pumping sessions between plugging it in

– Ability to pump while sleeping with an automatic timer shut-off and no-leak suction


– The milk storage bags for this pump are a bit pricey

– There is a bit of a learning curve with this pump for proper positioning and use. There may be some difficulty or discomfort associated with milk extraction

– Usage of pump became more uncomfortable as time passed, even with working part replacement

My review

I purchased the Willow breast pump system with one thing in mind, CONVIENIENCE! After hearing story after story of other moms struggling with breast pumping, I wanted to set myself up for the best possible chance of success. After reading and watching hours of product reviews, I had it narrowed down to wanting a cordless, wearable pumping system.

While the Elbie pump was a seriously considered option, I ultimately chose the Willow Pump because I wanted to be able to lie down while pumping. I figured as a new mom I would be extremely tired and want the option. Interestingly enough, I never actually used it while completely lying down or sleeping after all.

When I got the pump, I read all the instructions, watched the training videos on the app and thoroughly cleaned the pump and accessories. The videos were very easy to follow and this pump is super easy to clean and setup. It doesn’t come with a storage bag so I used the box it came in to store it on my counter until I went back to work.

Prepared with nothing but this pump after having my baby, when my milk came in, I gave it a go. I had a lot of trouble to first couple times using the pump in trying to get the right positioning and seal. I’m not sure if my engorged breast shape and small nipple size made it more difficult for me. All I was getting was the bags filling with air and few or no drops of milk.

Out of pain and desperation from the Willow Pump tugging on my tender, cracked nipples for 20 minutes and engorgement setting in because of no milk production from the pump, I switched to a hand pump and a Spectra Plus pump for the next few weeks until I got the hang of things.

Once I felt confident in my pumping skills with the other pumps, I tried the Willow pump again. I was able to get both pumps properly positioned with very minimal discomfort during expression. I was able to get 4 ounces off of each breast in 10 minutes. I knew this was a game changer!

To buy or not to buy?

I completely understand that choosing the right breast pump for you is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. If you like what the Willow Breast Pump has to offer and it is within your budget, I strongly encourage you to take the plunge!

New moms call the Willow® Wearable Breast Pump life changing. Our cord-less & hands-free pump allows you to pump anytime, anywhere. Buy now!